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Will You Make 2019 A Year of Pro-Active Change?

2019, change or be changed, hope, inspiration, opportunity
What will you do with this new day?

"You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again."

— Benjamin Franklin

As 2019 begins the quote above from Benjamin Franklin reminds us all that time moves and life changes with or without us. Often we begin a New Year with a list of things we want to accomplish or change in our life.

Unfortunately, we don't take the time to plan or prepare for the work and effort those changes we are hoping to create will take. We begin with enthusiasm and excitement and then somewhere between the first 10 days and the next 90 days life steps in and those lists fall away.

With them, our enthusiasm and confidence that life will ever change and we surrender to the habitual routines we are all to comfortable with.

  • What if this year could be different?

  • What if this year we could take small daily steps to try and break old habits and routines?

  • What if we just did one thing each day?

  • Could picking one thing each day we could do move us towards our goals and create a shift in our lives?

This is my test. Can I create proactive change with one action and one step a day? I hope you will join me as this year unfolds to see how just doing one thing a day can and will alter my life.

If you are following along and want to share your story please message me.

Here is to making 2019, the last year in the teens of this century one of small action to see if it can create "Big" "Proactive" changes in our lives.

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