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Our Guest Contributor 

Heather Alice-Marie

Change or be changed is excited to share a new Blog and Audio Contributor has joined the community. 


Heather Alice-Marie, a pioneering mind, and businesswoman equipped with an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University, is an expert in the digital marketing and digital product arena. She is propelled by her fervor to innovate and simplify life for others. Her tireless work and dedication to her craft led to her being recognized as one of Brand Innovators' 40 Under 40. But her accomplishments go beyond her career triumphs.

Heather is a true explorer, an admirer of nature, and a fitness enthusiast. She adores spending quality time with her dear ones, including her furry companions. She finds joy in the little things in life and inspiration from her brother Chris who left this world too soon.

Heather's brother's unexpected departure motivated her to help people uncover their full potential, guide them through self-discovery, and help them achieve their aspirations. Her desire to uplift others is evident in her recent masterpiece, Uncage Your Life: Gratitude & Happiness Journal. This journal is a testament to Heather's commitment to inspiring and empowering individuals.

Heather has spent her life creating change and understanding the power or change or be changed
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