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Taking Inventory - Day 2

What do you see when you look at your life?

“If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.” Rick Riordan

I heard once it is the silence between the notes that makes the music. Life is made up of a series of moments, and when we look for joy and seek the good in our lives, it helps get us through the darkness. So when life is dark, honor the darkness but then take time and recognize all the beauty the world has in it.

Take in a sunset or a sunrise, go outside, and be with nature. We can identify our unique triggers to overcome those dark moments and bring us joy when observing our lives. For example, a colleague shared that he makes time to work out when he feels stressed because that is his way of dealing with negative thoughts. Likewise, journaling and writing are ways I process stress, and then I can use those writings to remind myself how far I have come.

The main thing I have found that enables me to continue my journey towards change is the daily inventory of what is working and what isn't.

When the chips are down, life forces you to take inventory and reevaluate the people and choices in your life. However, when we step back and look at our life, we can adjust at any point and shift the course of our life.

There have been moments where I have fallen victim to the mantra that nothing is going my way and everyone else has it easier than I do. So I have allowed my thoughts to get me worked up and questioning why I keep getting the short end of the stick.

Then, I remember, my life is the result of the actions I take. The actions I take, including how I choose to respond to challenges, result from my mindset.

So I can recognize the moments, people, and things I have to be grateful for in my life. In this small step, I create a shift from victim to victor. I enable that shift and then ask what I have accomplished in my life, rebuild my courage to face what has knocked me down, and look for a path forward.

Change or be changed; the choice is up to you.

CL Landreth

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