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What Opportunity Lives In Your Disappointment?

How you think about what you see determines what you see. ~ CL Landreth

This weekend I listened to Pastor Steven Furtick teach a lesson on “Just The 2 of Us” while I was on my morning walk. The takeaway that seemed to resonate the most with me was a question he asked in the middle of his lesson, “What opportunity lives in your disappointment?”

You see, life isn’t just what happens to us; it is how we respond to what happens to us. Moreover, a proactive life begins with a vision we have of our future and how willing we are to take action and then to redefine and realign that vision even with the setbacks.

The script we repeat to ourselves, the limits we place in our lives; the problems we dwell on will keep us stuck in our mucky existence. I know this because I have done it. I have gone from getting money every month towards daycare from my ex-husband to one day being informed by that same ex: “I am not sending any money. She can live with me if you need help.” Somewhere between a panic attack and a call to an attorney who wanted a $5,000 retainer, I realized the only person who could change my story was me.

I worked in sales and knew instead of paying an attorney, I could focus on bringing in more business and making more money, and then the money he had been paying wouldn’t matter. I never received another penny towards daycare or health insurance, even though my daughter was only in 3rd grade. I am not bitter or angry about it. I just needed to find a solution, so I did.

Life is messy. We are not here alone, and we are going to need others. We are going to fall, and sometimes we let others down. Sometimes they will let us down. The reality is we are resilient, and we can do so much more than we think possible.

I have had many disappointments and setbacks, and almost every time, it leads me to something new and different. When we decide to seek the potential out of those situations, we begin to train our approach to our lives. When we seek solutions or lessons amid problems, we can almost circumvent our state of frustration and disappointment. We can then begin to turn that disappointment into our next opportunity.

I am not saying it is easy, because I can assure you it is anything but easy. However, the great moments of life are when we rise above that which even we may have thought possible. I recently experienced a career setback and took immediate action. I did not spend any time in a state of anxiety or doubt; I forged forward confident something better was waiting around the corner. Then today, it hit me out of nowhere, this feeling of overwhelming frustration.

My awareness of this emotional state is the opportunity for me to shift my thinking. There is a quote from someone about the word “Nowhere or Now Here,” the same letters, however, you decide which word you see. Today I went from feeling I was going nowhere to knowing the opportunities are now here. At times it takes more work; I find seeking gratitude and love helps me shift my perspective. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or disappointed, remember to ask, “what is the opportunity hiding within this disappointment?”

Questions to consider:

  • How does disappointment present itself in my body? Does your jaw tighten, do you get a headache? Awareness allows you to shift your focus.

  • When has a setback in my past lead to an opportunity?

  • Will focusing on what is wrong help to improve my situation?

  • What am I grateful for in this moment?

  • Who do I love, and how do I show that love?

Thank you for reading our blog, and please share thoughts or questions. You have the power to change your life one moment at a time.

CL Landreth


[KW1]Feel like adding that last sentence ends with more positive word than negative.

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