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What Is Holding You Back From Your Dreams?

Without a plan we are just wondering around

“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”― Warren Buffett

Dreams, goals, and aspirations are the spark we need to motivate us. They ignite our interests and propel us to consider the possibilities. However, to reach our goals and consistently maintain forward momentum we need some type of plan.

As a single mom, who financially carried 85% of the financial responsibility for raising my daughter I had to have a budget, a schedule and a network of people to step in and occasionally help out. This was a plan. When they were building my home, thank goodness there were plans and checklists and inspections.

However, for some reason when it comes to our hopes and dreams too often we talk about them, we consider them yet we never sit down and really plan them out.

As I was moving this summer I went through countless boxes in my attic which contained vision boards, journals, and wishes. The amazing thing was 50% of what I had written down I had accomplished.

Now, imagine if I actually made a plan to write a book, to become a best selling author, to be a life coach. Then if I started to do what was necessary. Eventually, I would start to realize even more of my goals and dreams.

Here is my challenge for you as we close out another year in less than 40 days.

  • · What are your top 5 goals/dreams that you would be able to sacrifice time or money to accomplish on a regular basis?

  • · Why are they your goals/dreams? What will you have when you have obtained them?

  • · How can you begin to plan out steps to make them more attainable?

  • · When do you want to commit to hitting a milestone? What is that milestone?

I believe if we begin from where we are, to do what we can, on a regular and consistent basis we can change the course of our lives and reach our goals.

  • What is holding you back?

  • Do you have a plan?

  • Do you take consistent action?

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