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Stop Being Dormant To Change

Start today to take steps to the changes you want

“I believe that when things are easy, people stay dormant.” Olga Kurylenko

First, we must have a dream, a desire we want to attain, achieve or reach for something beyond where you are today. Dreams require hope, achieving them requires tenacity, discipline, faith and the drive and grit to forge on even when everything seems to be working against you. One of my latest goals has been to be physically fit (for my age).

Yet, one thing I have noticed in my own life over the last 50+ years is how easy it is to return to old habits. Life may be constantly moving and changing, yet for us it is a daily choice we must make to not become almost dormant to our dreams and it is way too easy to return to our old routines.

Life offers us an endless array of excuses why we didn’t make it to the gym or chose to have dessert when even though we promised ourselves we wouldn’t. The list and excuses can be endless and there is always a someone there to convince us we really don’t even need to make the effort we are fine where we are.

Having a dream/goal is just the beginning. If you have spent the last x number of years building up habits that go against what is needed to accomplish that dream/goal it takes true desire and discipline to achieve.

There is a great Ted Talk from a few years ago on “People Buy The Why” In it the speakers takes you through an example of how we bought into the iPod because we wanted 1,000 songs in our pocket. We also put the work in for the “why” if the “why” is worth the sacrifice.

I read another great article about “Sacrifice” Too often, we dream of the outcome “being physically fit” however yet we aren’t willing to make the sacrifice it will take to reach that outcome. Therefore, we will either remain a dreamer or we will forever be on a constant seesaw working towards it and then sliding back. Yet if we know the “why” we want it, if we have passion for the “why” then we will not stay dormant. Instead we will rise to meet the challenge.

Change is something we can learn to be proactive about. I have numerous reasons for being fit. One, being I want to have an active life even as I get older. I want to be healthy and I want to try new things. This will all be much easier if I am physically fit. Regardless I still must be willing to make the “sacrifice” and the required discipline to take if from being something I work to do, to becoming a healthy habit I look forward to. This requires me to put in the time and make the effort.

  • What is holding you back from reaching for your dreams?

  • Do you know your top 3 dreams?

  • Why not make a list?

By ~ CL Landreth

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