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Now What?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

How often do you find yourself looking ahead to the next long weekend so you can finally do those things on your list?

Do you sometimes feel you talk about the past and your frustrations to much?

How often do you consider the possibilities in life?

Have you ever wondered where a weekend went? Or, how is it almost spring when it was just December?

Have you gotten in your car and started driving as if by routine and not where you intended to go?

Have you been in the middle of a conversation only to forget the point you were making?

We live our lives too often in a bit of a haze. Moving through life without any direction towards anything.

After 53 years, I am trying to stop just living in that haze. Instead I want to have some sense of direction inspired by my heart's intention. To be aware of where I am and where I am trying to go. To have a plan that I act on, and to live each day with some type of awareness of where it is I am trying to go. Making progress daily in pursuit of those bigger intentions.

We are the sum of more than just our intentions, rather the result of our actions. In the end we have either lived a life by our design or as a response to everything and everyone else's design.

The amazing truth is we can change course and direction at any point. However, in the end if we never consider where it is we want to go it is like driving without a map. For some that may be your very heart's desire. For me the moments I have felt fulfilled to create have inspired me to live a more full and joyful life and therefore, I want to be more aware of my moments and have a bit more direction.

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