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Is Your Pain Or Anger In Charge?

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Release the pain and anger to rise above

"You can't go through life allowing your pain to dictate how you behave. It is easy to sit here and wallow in your hurt feelings. It is hard to rise above it." Parenthood TV Series

Life has a way of reminding us there is nothing fair about it. We may feel life is against us; or the scales aren't tipped in our favor. Regardless, there is someone, somewhere who feels their stick is shorter than ours or their burdens are heavier.

When we look for what is wrong we always find it. The quote to me means, regardless, this doesn't justify us being mean. Wayne Dyer, use to say "There are no justified resentments"

When I look back at the moments where I would like another chance, the one constant I would change is my attitude and my perspective.

  • I would lean toward the benefit of doubt when I thought someone's behavior justified rude behavior.

  • I would seek to see what I could change about my approach and gain back all those hours complaining.

Life will teach us lessons and if we are lucky we catch on early enough in life to actually begin to shift and change and become a better version of ourselves. Regardless, at some point as time passes we realize all those angry thoughts and resentments had no impact on those we were resenting. They just stole our moments, our joy and our opportunity for peace.

  • What pain are you holding on to that is dictating your life?

  • What freedom would forgiveness grant you?

  • Why not rise above?

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