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Growth Comes From Awareness

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

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Take time to ask yourself questions

I read this amazing post by Britt Andreatta, PhD on Linkedin and wanted to share the part that really resonated with me. There is a great quote by:

Abraham Maslow: “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”

We can't change anything on purpose until we are aware there is something we wish to change. The questions below in the article by Britt Andreatta, PhD really pushed me to think about 2018 and become aware of what did and didn't work. I have included them below just as she presented them.

10 Awesome Questions to Reflect on 2018

  1. What are your 9 greatest successes and miracles of 2018? It’s OK to have more but get at least 9.

  2. What was a key challenge of this year and what did you discover about yourself in meeting this challenge? What new skills, knowledge, or insights did you receive as a result of this challenge?

  3. What 3 people had the greatest impact in your life this year (could be positive or negative)? What has their presence stimulated or awakened in you?

  4. What are some of the most joyful moments of 2018?

  5. What are 3 key lessons you’ve learned through your experiences in 2018?

  6. Is there anyone whom you need to forgive? Forgive means to release judgment and blame that is causing you unnecessary pain. Who is it? What quality do you need to forgive them for? Can you find that same quality within yourself (to any degree) and love yourself anyway?

  7. What “risks” (taking action though fear is present) did you take this year and what greater freedom did you discover in the process? What did you learn about yourself in taking these risks?

  8. In what key ways have you been of service this year? What meaningful purpose have you contributed to through sharing your time, or your talent, or your resources?

  9. What has been the underlying, unifying theme of your year? "2018 has been the year of…"

  10. What are your greatest blessings of 2018? List those people, experiences, and insights that fill your heart with gratitude.

Looking Ahead to 2019

  • As you look at the lessons and insights of 2018, what wise counsel would you give yourself as you move into 2019?

  • Now, articulate your goals and intentions for 2019. Consider having at least one for each these areas so that you have work/life balance: career/calling, relationships, health/wellbeing, happiness, creativity/play, and community. Also explore what things gave you energy and what drained it—try to dial up the energy boosters. I write my goals/intentions in my journal, and post them in various places where they will remind me of my focus like my home, car, office, smartphone, etc.

  • Is there anyone you need to reach out to as a result of this reflection? I am usually moved to send a note of gratitude or appreciation. Keep it simple—often a quick email or voice message can really make someone feel great and you will enjoy acknowledging them too.

Please share your thoughts and if you found this to be informative.

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