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Continuous Effort Unlocks Opportunity

Keep hitting the ball until you get it over the net!

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~ Winston Churchill

Today, I realized just how true this quote is. We make progress, move forward towards our goals and set about the work of changing ourselves in order to attain those goals. Then situations in our life and frustrations arise and we revert to our subconscious mind and habitual ways. We find ourselves doing things the way we used to without even realizing it.

Now, especially is the opportunity to not quit. Instead we must maintain continuous effort. The difference this time is we realized what was happening while or immediately after it happened. We acknowledge the approach we would have rather taken and can adjust accordingly.

Now instead of feeling blindsided we still have the power to shift and course correct. We can realign our approach, our attitude and move forward more aware and with an opportunity to see the glimmer of potential our effort will make as we continue to progress.

Our attitude, situations and life were not developed overnight. It took years even decades for our subconscious to take control of many of our habitual routines and reactions. We must not be discouraged over our setbacks. It is all part of the process.

As we work on our continuous effort and stayed focused on our goals more moments will remind us of our progress to our true potential. Remind yourself you are moving in the right direction and keep up the effort.

· Are you noticing your setback while they are happening?

· Can you recall a time when continuous effort paid off?

Our life if our greatest teacher. This is why many of the most successful people keep journals. They use them to remind themselves when the started and how far they have come. They also use them to learn where change is necessary to attain their goals and reach success.

CL Landreth

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