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Change To Chase A Dream

Beauty surrounds us if we take time to notice

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

I love this quote as much at 52 as I did at 40. Life ends unexpectedly too often too soon. Therefore, as long as I have a breath I can and should have a dream.

The image is from a trip to France last summer with my 26-year-old daughter. Last year I found a retirement dream book I had completed when she was only 2. One of the goals was a trip to Paris and to think I never even considered taking it with my adult daughter. We made so many amazing memories and met so many wonderful people.

Part of change begins with nothing except a notion for something we have never experienced. There is no age limit for success, no cap on hope. We ourselves, to often establish parameters and barriers in our life based on fear or wounds we have experienced.

Yet it is those limiting thoughts we must change. We need to decide how much these thoughts are holding us back and how willing are we to set them aside. Just try one small dream, one small step in the direction of that dream.

This post is my step, this blog is my hope and someday if I keep at it...maybe my book. The world tells us “no” enough. Isn’t it time we started telling ourselves “YES!”

· What is one dream, hope or accomplishment you want to make in your life?

· What can you do today from where you are to start working towards that?

· What self-limiting story have you been telling yourself?

· What if you decided today, to set a goal to dream?

· What harm could it possibly do?

CL Landreth

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