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Be A Contributor Not An Inhibitor

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When you contribute, you light the way for others

An inhibitor is a substance or material that slows down or halts some activity.

A contributor is someone who takes part in something or makes a contribution

Today I was on my way to the airport to return a rental car when an Audi SUV decided he wanted to cut me off. Determined to maintain my position I squeezed up close to the car in front of me and saw him trying to cut into the car behind me. Next thing I knew his car clipped the side of my car. After the information was exchanged and I barely made my flight I realized my desire to maintain that spot one car ahead of his had made me an inhibitor. It put my progress of getting to the airport to a halt. Additionally, it will impact my funds and more importantly it was all avoidable.

To often we see change coming and we want to stay in our current lane and not let anyone else in. We reject the notion that maybe if we just ease back take a breath and slow down there might be something along the way we would have missed. In my situation I would have missed the accident.

“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” Eleanor Roosevelt

When change happens if we become aware of our mindset, we make a shift from just reacting as we always have, to considering our options. Today when the car was trying to squeeze in, I could have not reacted with the typically “not cutting me off” mindset and been considerate and in return avoided the entire incident.

In life when we want things to change, we become frustrated with those who try to slow or halt the changes we want. Therefore, we might consider the same response to changes others are trying to make. Find a way to contribute to your work, your health, your family, friends and community. When we elevate our approach, we create a shift which over time can have a ripple effect.

  • Think back over the last 90 days and consider a time when you have been a contributor and the outcome that had.

  • Now consider a time when you tried in inhibit change, what outcome did that have?

  • Would a different mindset and approach foster a different outcome?

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