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Who Is My Authentic Self?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Do we know our authentic self?

I spoke to a friend today, and she was sharing a desire to be more genuine in how she shows up in her relationships. Over the years, we have experienced some life challenges together, and through those moments, we have established a bond that allows us to be authentic.

I shared with her I didn’t believe I wanted to be authentic with everyone. Trust is earned, and openness exposes vulnerability, and before I can be open to you, I need to trust you.

When the call ended, I let our conversation drift around in my mind, and this question came up for today.

Who is my authentic self?

We live in a time when anyone can become famous. We have the ability to alter photos or even have filters in zoom to make us look better. We detest being compared to others, claiming we want to stand out.

Yet we spend hours binging shows we have little or no interest in so we can join in the conversation. We post for likes and say we have no time and then spend our time consuming what others are doing.

The definition of authentic is: not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique. ; having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence.

How can I discover my authentic self if I am always looking out and not taking time to be still, to take inventory of my life. When I am truly happy, I am so caught up in the moment I am not worried about capturing it, I get lost in experiencing it.

I want to take this question and dig even deeper. To understand what is my unique gift? How can I show up with, that which only I can offer?

I have spent so much time talking about how the world needs to change. What if, I change and become my authentic self? Maybe that will inspire someone else to be the change.

CL Landreth


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