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What is Wisdom?

How do you use the knowledge you have?

There is a great quote by Charles Spurgeon which states "To know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom"

This is a very basic principle yet too often we get caught up in the latest trends and buzz words and forget the lessons life has taught us along our journey.

Our own life experiences often hold so much knowledge within them. Lessons on how we as individuals process situations. How we ourselves can become aware of areas we can improve in.

Too often we spend our time discussing and even complaining about others, the world and situations outside ourselves. What if instead we started to seek moments of wisdom? Moments when we could witness our own actions, words and behaviors and seek to make changes there.

Could we begin a shift in ourselves and therefore in those we encounter. I love the quote about doing things over and expecting different results. Yet, don't we do this if we aren't looking within?

What areas of our lives can we learn from and use that knowledge to shift our lives for the better?

What is wisdom to you?

CL Landreth

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