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What Can I Do To Change My Current Situation?

Sometimes, just recognizing we feel frustrated is enough to open our minds to other questions. CL Landreth

My good friend told me when I started writing, “you need to be willing to be vulnerable to put yourself out there and not speak in vague terms. So here we go, folks.

I was having those days when life seemed to be moving towards my goals, and things finally seemed to fall into place. Then something shifted, and it was as if someone punched me in the gut.

With COVID, there are those whose careers took off while mine seemed to stall similar to so many others over the last two-plus years. I have had a brave face, done all the positive mediation and self-talk, and yet this last week, it just reached its bubbling point.

Life has taught me time and time again that I can only change what I own the power and control over. So when I fall into this negative loop feeling like I can’t catch a break, I give my power away. I take on the role of victim and find thoughts like “I can never catch a break” rumbling through my head.

This mindset has a physical impact on my body. My jaw gets sore, I don’t sleep well, and I seem to close down. With it, all those opportunities headed my way are stopped by this wall of doubt and frustration I have built.

However, if I catch it early like I did today, all I need to do is ask this question.

What can I do to change my current situation?

I have had setbacks, made mistakes, and been told no, and all that does when I am in the right state of mind is light a fire under me. When life pushes me, I find another path, another solution. So when I ask this question, I force myself to take responsibility and, in doing so, take back my power.

Another question this leads to is, “What power am I giving away with my fear?” Let's face it; my ultimate driving emotion is fear of failing to let myself and others down.

CL Landreth

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