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Three Reasons To Awaken Your Inner Child.

Never let anyone put out your fire.

I recall being young and hearing comments like, "It's time to grow up."

I even recall thinking those thoughts about my friends and co-workers. Yet, fast forward 20+ years, and I regret not making space for my inner child. Looking back now I realize with a little effort I could have written a novel, posted over 500 blogs, or taken that trip of a lifetime. But I got caught up in why I couldn't pursue those dreams, make time for those things, or have the money for travel.

One of the things I love about the younger generation is their absolute belief in finding and pursuing their passion. Maybe it's a side hustle or taking time off to start their own business. But they at least haven't completely silenced that inner child. Instead, they find ways to travel, explore and live life a bit fuller than my generation did when I was younger.

There was an article in Forbes featuring Daniella Pierson, the founder of Newsette. She started it when she was 19, is now 27, and is younger than just about any self-made female entrepreneur with a nine-figure fortune. She did not silence her inner child. In the article, she shared that, in the early days she said she was working for a newsletter rather than claiming it was hers. Even she had self-doubt.

We live our lives one day, one moment at a time and if we carve out a few of those moments to take small steps toward our dreams, over time we will find one day that the inner child that refused to give up is still very much alive.

Three reasons to awaken your inner child:

  • Time will pass regardless, so why not carve out time to pursue a dream or a new passion.

  • It's never too late here is an example of 10 people over 80 who pursued a degree in a new field of study.

  • Happiness is a journey, and your inner child makes that journey even more enjoyable when you are spending it looking at life from the mindset of "Why not."

If you have let your inner child out please share your story with us.

EM Orr


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