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Three Lessons From My Uber Guru

Today as I got in the back of my Uber, I had the sense this wasn’t going to be your ordinary uber ride to LGA. I usually use time in an Uber to respond to emails or catch up on what is happening in the world. But, today was a very different experience.

I need to back up a few days for this all to connect for you. I have been getting a bit of resistance in my life, and when this happens, I tend to get frustrated and then later go, “Okay, the universe, what is the lesson?”

When Manav asked how my day was going, little did we know it would result in a blog post. As we began to discuss at a high level how are you doing and then go a layer deeper, I realized I was going to learn something amazing on this 40-minute car ride.

My takeaways from the ride are:

  • Stay open - life has so much to offer; however, when we are closed off to the world, we will miss out on so much coming our way.

  • You decide how you respond. I need to dig a bit deeper into this one. First, acknowledge the moment, breathe deep and realize you have the power over how and when you respond.

  • Breathe, stop and just breathe. We have a lot coming at us, and you have the power over what we let in. It is easy to relinquish control over our lives; in doing so, we lose control over our happiness.

My key takeaway from this very thought-provoking car ride is this. Happiness is not something we attain; it is something we embody. It is an appreciation of nature, our fellow man, and the lessons we can learn throughout our lifetime. Happiness is something we recognize daily, not a destination or an ending we attain.

I would love to hear your most insightful Uber/Lyft/Cab ride. Please share.

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