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Stop Thinking Limiting Thoughts

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You can knock down the barriers in your life!

Thomas Merton said "We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves."

Enable is defined as having the authority or means to do something. Therefore, it is our choices which enable or disable us. Too, often in life we allow ourselves to let our thoughts about our current or past circumstances limit our choices. We list all the reasons why we can't do something, or why something can't happen for us. We define ourselves by our limitations rather than limiting those very thoughts.

I learned at a very young age for some people the past is like a vicious game of whack a mole. You keep limiting the present by bringing up the past. If you spend all the time in the present justifying why you can't get away from the past you never live in the moment.

I have heard from numerous educators and motivational speakers, pay attention to the questions you hear in your head. For a long time I wasn't quite sure what they meant however recently it has become very clear to me.

Life isn't a singular journey, it is one shared by all those we encounter. We have no power to control those who's paths we cross, however, we do have the power to control ourselves. Yet, only if we accept this power and stop blaming our bad habits on limitations and labels we can't or choose not to change.

When we stop and listen to the questions, "Why does every man I meet mistreat me?" "Why doesn't anyone ever listen to me?" "Why can't I get ahead?" we can allow ourselves to learn what is thoughts are holding us back.

Og Mandino said “Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind, or permit others to set up for you.”

What limitations have you accepted? What questions or doubt are you creating?

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