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Someone Will Always Get The Short End

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Sometimes the short stick is the best stick.

Life has taught me how I feel is based on what I think. What I think about is based on how I interpret life. There have been moments when I was in a great place, something didn’t go my way, and it had little impact on how I felt. Other times I have allowed myself to become a victim in a situation where it was a simple misunderstanding.

One thing that has impacted my personal development has been my ability to look inward and ask questions. Over the past decade, I have written down questions to shift my thinking.

This year I want to share those questions with you in hopes that maybe they bring some form of awareness to your life and, in doing so, enable you to change and grow.

"Do you find yourself feeling like you always get the short end of the stick?"

At different moments in my life, I know I have felt this way. I allowed myself to get stuck in a rut and spent more time looking at what others had than what I had.

Over time, I have learned there will always be those who have more and those who have less in my life

In the business world, looking at life from the outside is key to success because you need to understand how your customers and your clients feel about your business.

However, we need to do more looking inward in our personal lives. How we feel directly represents what we think and how we have become accustomed to labeling ourselves.

Today, we spend so much more time focusing on how we appear than our feeling inside.

The key is making gratitude a part of your daily routine. When we begin and end our day aware of what we have to be grateful for, we shift what we look for both outside and within.

Now, when I think about the short end of the stick, I ask what is my lesson in this moment? Awareness has been a key component of change in my life.

CL Landreth

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State of mind is everything when it comes to recognizing your blessings and having gratitude. So a question to your question... Which comes first - having gratitude so you recognize all that you have and improve your state or mind, or shifting your attitude and state of mind so you can be a happier more grateful person? I guess the answer lies on if you believe that gratitude equals happiness.

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