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Finding My "What IF?"

Inside all of us is that curious child


I knew early in life I wanted something different. I do not mean that disrespectfully at all. There is no one I respect more than my Grandmother.

She had a hard life, and she loved more than anyone loved her. She told me late in life; she wished she had become a missionary.

I was curious about everything, how things worked, and why people repeatedly made the same mistakes.

Who I am is a conscious choice not to live a life filled with drama and frustration. My keys always go to the same place because my mom constantly lost hers.

I set a time limit to how long I would be upset about something because my entire family threw their past in each other’s faces year over year.

I remember thinking, “What If?” at my first real job, and it resulted in receiving an award for saving money,

From there, it was a question that would come and go; however, now I think it is the core to changing our lives.

At the end of last year, I decided to approach this year with a what-if attitude.

  • What if I took charge of my health and got in better shape?

  • What if I planned my day and took action towards creating change rather than waiting for change to happen?

  • What if I set a goal so big and so enormous and just took action on it and to see what would happen?

As we are 11 days into the New Year, I have realized that this shift of attitude has opened doors and enabled me to see a path to attaining one of the bigger goals I have set, which I honestly thought was impossible.

That is when it hit me. We stop asking “What If?” because we have accepted arbitrary limitations, labels, and excuses to stop dreaming, reaching, exploring, and being curious.

But… my guess is we are similar, and you, like me, have had at least one “What if?” come true.

So starting today, "What if?" you started asking this question more? How much could your life change?

I would love to hear your “What if?” stories.

CL Landreth

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Not sure I have a past example, but I definitely know what I want this year's "What if...?" question to be. It will be, "What if instead of worrying about things outside my control, I focused on the parts of the problem I could do something about?" I am hopeful this will result in greater peace of mind and less contention in my life. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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