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3 Thoughts To Consider In Your Approach To Life

“In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life; it goes on.” ~ Robert Frost

“In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life; it goes on.” ~ Robert Frost

Everyone has a past, and with every past comes things we have experienced, words we have spoken and action we did or didn’t take which has shaped our world view and who we are. Regardless, in a moment we have the power to shift our view. Below are two situations which made me realize “life does go on” and therefore things which seems so insurmountable now aren’t necessarily as they appear.

My first career was as an Executive Assistant. I loved my job and over time there learned how to do my job plus my bosses job as well as many of the tasks within the office. So when I decided to leave and start a new career I was certain things would fall apart.

Surprise, they hired two people to replace me and life went on. If there was any pain from my parting it was not made readily available to me. Since that time my grandmother who raised me has passed. My dear friend lost her husband, her best friend and the father of her sons and is now remarried. Life goes on.

This awareness opens our eyes when life seems to get too heavy to bare and reminds us “Life goes on” It can also enable us to stop in the great moments and try and capture everything about them

My second story I want to share is about the owner of a company I was at for 9 years. He managed through fear and intimidation. When things were not going his way his approach was to bring everyone into the conference room and berated them. I can’t tell you how many nights on my drive how, I felt like screaming.

Then one day there was an issue as I was leaving to go on vacation with my daughter. He called me into his office and began his standard intimidation approach, yet my mind was focused on all I had to get done to leave on vacation with my daughter. When he had finished I asked “is there anything else” he responded “no” and I left. This time, however, on my drive home his attack didn’t even cross my mind. Instead, I was focused on getting ready for vacation. The next day while sitting by the pool, fruity drink in my hand and the steel drums in the background I had a realization.

Why when his approach had been the same for the last 5+ years and everything about me was the same, wasn’t I upset when he talked to me that way. Then I realized as my daughter laughed, yesterday I was already in my vacation state of mind. I had left the drama of the office and his tactics and was already visualizing being here by the pool with her. Life had gone on and because of my state of mind, his word hadn’t been able to diminish or alter my attitude, view of the world or more importantly my own self-worth.

The three takeaways I want you to consider from these stores are below.

· Your past doesn’t determine your future unless you give it the power to

· Everyone may not be replaceable, however, don’t bank on being indispensable

· Your state of mind determines the power you give others to tear you down, including yourself

Robert Frost reminds us that life goes on and we must find a way to maneuver through it without letting situations or others tear us down. It also reminds us to not tear others down. Surround yourself with those who bring out your best and you theirs.

CL Landreth

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