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Where am I trying to go?

Sometimes we get get stuck not considering what else is possible? CL Landreth

The last two years have been anything outside of the ordinary for all of us. Travel was part of my life for both work and personal. Planning trips with my family and friends was a way to step away from the stress of work and reconnect on a deeper level with those I love while also exploring someplace new. While many people used the last two years to do just that I stayed close to home because a huge part of travel for me is experiencing the culture and traditions of the cities and towns I visit. This wasn’t really possible over those two years.

So I am very excited about my upcoming weekend getaway. I realized today how much I am looking forward to being away from the routines and doing something I enjoy. Time with a great friend, a play in NYC, and time in Central Park. All these things create moments of laughter, adventure, and connection.

As I was thinking about today’s question, I wondered if looking forward to a future event was wasting life's most precious resource, time. As I am writing this I thought about how much time I spend doing busy work. Yes, necessary work, however nonetheless busy work. Chores, errands, planning, cooking. When I have something in the future I am looking forward to those thoughts trickling into the busy work and I get excited.

Life is experienced in the moment, however, experiences ofter require planning and saving, and negotiating around work, schedules, and life. My friend's grandmother lived to her mid 90’s and was still out on boats and going to visit her family. While she was planning future things she was living and life, she passed rather quickly.

I want to experience as much living as possible and to do that here is the question I am asking myself.

Where am I trying to go?

I have so many places I want to visit and so many dreams I want to bring to life. If I start one at a time and consider where it is I want to go I can begin to make my dream my reality. We have so much more ability than we often give ourselves credit for. I want to be the change in my life not just wait for change to happen.

CL Landreth

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Okay, this along with what I heard on American Idol last night lit a fire under me to go for my dreams. The host, I think it was Lionel Richie, told one contestant, "Dreams begin at the end or our comfort zone." So this morning I woke up early and took action, outside of my comfort zone to make the changes I need to make to go where I want to go. Time will tell if these steps are the right direction, but at least I did something!

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