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What Thoughts Are Driving My Life?

Are you wasting your thoughts looking back?

One of the 1st Self Help books I read was Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer. It enabled me to learn I have the power over the direction of my life.

I can decide how I see the world and allow myself the opportunity to shape my life.

One of my Favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer is "The Wake can't drive the boat it's just the trail left behind it can't make the boat go forward any more than the trial that you have left behind in your life is responsible for where you're going to go now in your life."

Yet, somehow my days become a routine of events that happen repeatedly, and then I find myself frustrated I haven’t made progress towards the changes I want in my life.

But if I ask myself this question, "How often am I aware of the thoughts I'm thinking ?"

When I become aware of what I'm thinking, I enable myself to shift what I'm thinking.

Our thoughts create our actions; our actions create our reality. So If I start to shift my awareness of my thoughts towards the outcomes I'm trying to attain, I will begin to see the changes in my life.

CL Landreth


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