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What Is The Lesson At This Moment?

You decide how you play the hand you are dealt. CL Landreth

In a previous career, a colleague commented over lunch, “Maybe you should look for a different job” I recall thinking that came out of the left-field; I was just venting. Then a few weeks later, a friend made a similar comment.

Patterns provide validity to a situation, so the third time someone said it to me validated the comment. So I took some time to allow myself to hear and receive feedback, and then I asked my friend, “why do you say that?”

Their reply was, “you just seem to be unhappy there lately?” I took that comment and tucked it away for later.

On my drive home, I realized this was the third person who had made a similar comment. But, I also realized they were not connected.

So, was it possible the cause of my frustration was something I was doing? This awareness shifted my position and empowered me to take action.

Then as I sat there later that evening, I asked myself a fundamental question on any journey of change.

“What is the lesson at this moment?”

I realized I wasn’t taking ownership of my situation and was looking for blame. Kevin Hall, author of “Aspire,” made a sage suggestion once “play the hand you are dealt.

We all have our advantages and disadvantages, and just because some may not be visible from the outside doesn’t mean others' burdens don’t exist.

As long as we compare our lives to the appearance of other people's lives, we completely miss out on living our own authentic life.

Life is chaotic and messy and in the middle of those moments spread across the tapestry of our lives exists opportunities to stitch in moments of appreciation, gratitude, love, and joy.

When we look back, we see moments of wonder, which propel us through the pain and loss that we will encounter. However, it allows us to keep hoping to keep dreaming and, most importantly, keep changing and becoming the best version of ourselves.

CL Landreth

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