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What do you look for in life?

One of the best lessons my grandmother taught me was to notice nature and those small moments. Over time those will have a long-term positive impact. When I was young, her words didn't mean as much.

However, you tend to notice patterns in your life as time passes. So the more I take action toward the life I want to have, the more opportunities arrive in my life. We sometimes feel resistance, and in those moments, we decide not only how to respond but also whether we should respond.

I try to notice the sunset daily, even if it is only the color of the sky as another day closes. I also make time once a month to witness the sunrise. To intentionally acknowledge a new day is a new opportunity.

We find in life that which we look for. When I encounter resistance, I stop and ask myself, "what is my lesson here?" This allows me to step back and consider the path I am on and if I may need to change course.

If you find your life off course, try asking, "What do I look for in life?"

EM Orr

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