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How Do You Know When You're Stuck?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

If you are breathing there is hope.

Just over a week into our "Write It & Release It" journey and I stumble across this blog post I had started last year. It does have some negative components however, it also reminds us we are the only one's who have the power to change our lives. So I am posting it today as the 3rd in this 30 day journey I am on.

One day you wake up and realize those dreams you had, those plans you were going to make and never started are still just a distant hope. Time has forged on and with it countless opportunities to take action.

You think about beating yourself up and then remind yourself shame does no good for anyone. Instead you begin to play out a long list of reasons why you never took action or even began to pursue those dreams. That list could go on forever.

You see others dreams playing out, you hear others celebrating milestones that you are worried you will never reach. You occasionally feel a sense of anxiety about letting time pass by without action.

You are stuck. Stuck in the same spot thinking the same thoughts talking/complaining to the same people.

If you want to get unstuck you could read some self help books. Seek therapy or a life coach. However, one of our amazing God given talents is our ability to look within and listen. To learn from where we have been and shape where we are going.

This is where writing down any negative thoughts enables you to then go back to focusing and taking action on your dreams and your goals. While, at the time I wrote this I was feeling stuck, I also must admit I have found there are many things I have accomplished simply by dreaming it, planning it and taking action on it.

If you feel stuck figure out where you are and how to begin to move, the slightest movement can be the start you need to become unstuck.

Please share how your 30 day journey is going for you.

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