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How Can I Help Here?

We all have various metrics in our careers. For example, if you are a healthcare provider, it may be around the number of patients and how much you bill per patient; it is about hitting quotas if you are in sales. In technology, it may be around cutting costs or improving performance.

The reality is life has a series of metrics, and sometimes these metrics impose a mindset of limitation and competition. I have recently noticed how this sense of comparison and competition also bleeds into our personal lives.

In a recent conversation with a colleague, I commented that it didn't use to be this hard, and she echoed the same sentiment.

When the call ended, I stepped back from my day and thought about what I do and why I do it. I reflected on my past successes and failures and recognized a common thread that seems to run through my life.

When my focus is on the value I can bring to my client's success seems to come towards me. However, success took more effort when I was hunting for the next opportunity and focused on the metrics alone.

I think there is a reason so many successful people become involved in philanthropy, and it is about more than the tax benefits. I find when I bring value to others, I feel fulfilled.

In our professional lives, if we know the value we bring our clients and believe in this value, our jobs transition into our purpose, and our successes seem to come more often.

My question for change today is:

How can I help here?

When we look to help our custumes or colleagues or even our internal competition, we break down the natural resistance and shift to a mindset of collaboration.

CL Landreth


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