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Awareness Of Breath Is Awareness Of Life - Change Or Be Changed

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Awareness helps us change or be changed
The beauty of a new day

There is a beautiful quote by Frank Lloyd Wright, “Space is the breath of art.”

When life is going well, we often live without pause. We move from moment to moment, propelled forward almost without any true awareness. Then, when we finally slow down and breathe we wonder where it went. We seek that feeling when everything seemed so perfect. We must slow down enough to take a breathe. To notice when life is amazing, and everything seems to have the perfect rhythm.

However, when life pushes us and challenges us, we seem to hold our breath. We pause and linger on what is going wrong. Upon reflection we might find the only thing we have been talking about is what is wrong or missing in our lives. We text about it, tweet about it and get stuck in the breath almost.

Then especially, is when we need to take a breath. Some of my best moments were when life was challenging me. Some of my best accomplishments came when I recognized while I can’t change others, I do have the power to change myself.

Take a moment daily to recognize the good moments and the ones which push you outside of the familiar. The ones which shape your thinking and can uncover a new approach, a different solution, or an entirely new perspective. Someone once said, "the beauty of music is the pause between the notes." Live life aware of the beauty in the breath.

  • When was the last time you made yourself completely aware of your life?

  • Do you sometimes find it hard to wake up?

  • How often do you acknowledge what you have to be grateful for?

The most beautiful moments in our life often go unnoticed. Do you find at least 3, 2 or even 1 thing in your day that makes you smile?

The sun will rise and set regardless if we witness it. Yet it’s beauty remains just as brilliant. Change doesn’t have to be monumental to be effective. The smallest shift in your awareness can completely alter how and what you decide to notice life.

Awareness is a fundamental part of change and joy in our lives.

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